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Team Nobody! Why? Because Team Edward and Team Jacob have nothing on the Organization!

Join to show your affiliation with Organization XIII and your love of Kingdom Hearts!
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436 Members
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Hidden Affections
Demyx slowly limped to his room. He had just RTC'd from his most recent mission, which hadn't gone too well… Granted he had just made it out with his skin intact… Literally. If he had been a minute slower that Ice Queen would have turned him to stone along with his dancers… It was bad enough that the damned wolves that had bitten him… he was lucky that he had healed himself  before the witch had caught up with him. Or he would be dead…
He sighed as he laid his head against a wall breathing softly, when his ears noticed the sound of music softly lilting down the hallway. He slowly turned his head in their direction and slowly followed the sweet quiet melody… He found himself standing in the Hall of Empty Melodies… the culprit, Zexion stopped playing his guitar as he glanced over to peer at Demyx.
"Nine?"  He set aside the instrument. "Are you alright? I smell blood…" the slightly younger nobody said as he stood up and waked over to Demyx.
"I'm fin
:iconheartsguardiansol:HeartsGuardianSol 13 18
Anti Sora by kayleighmc Anti Sora :iconkayleighmc:kayleighmc 1,314 175
Vexen Even
I'm a scientist. Experiments are what I do; yes its all I ever done. Even as a child I had dreams of being a scientist. However as you know something happened to us. Not like what you see in those silly comic book films that Demyx watches. I didn't fall into toxic waste, or have an experiment that gives me weird powers. No. I had my heart taken much like the others.
I had been known for weird experiments on humans. That's why I kicked out of the scientists union; I had become once again an outcast. Much like when I was a child. My mother always said "Oh even why don't you go out and play with the other kinds" well I don't want to mother. I'm not like the other kinds they didn't understand that I was better then them.  However after I was kicked out of the scientists union I had nowhere to go. I was stuck. That's when Ansem found me. He was looking for someone who could do research into darkness. It was a little out what I did but I thought I give it a go.
:iconmollyther:mollyther 1 0
Lord Xemnas is making us write down our memories of when we were whole, so we don't forget. But I'm not like the others I can't really remember what it was like, all I know is from the dreams. But I guess I give it a try...
Well his name is Sora and he lives in a warm sunny place(not like here). He had two friends girl he liked named Kairi and boy I don't know his name. But something happened to his home and he and his friends. So he went to find with some new friends Donald and Goofy. After that I don't know. My mind goes blank, almost like there was nothing there to being with.
Saix said that being a nobody means you you can remember what it was to have a heart even though you don't. But don't really remember anything, does that make different from others? I'm starting to think that it doesn't matter as long as I can make new memories to fill the spaces then maybe I would feel so empty...
:iconmollyther:mollyther 2 0
Not like This
I never wanted this. All the fighting all the hurt and pain. I didn't know what would happen when I stared, I was just so alone that I thought it could it could bring me a friend someone I could talk to. But instead it made me more alone. I'm sorry to you for what I done. I didn't want it to end up like this, I didn't...
And to your other, you don't remember me but I'm sorry that because of me you lost everything. Your friends, your home and your memorise. I didn't no that I could hurt you so much. This power I have, I'm starting to think that there is no right way for me to use it.
So this is the last you will hear from me I found a new home, don't try and look for me I'm happy now and I'll always be there...
In your heart
:iconmollyther:mollyther 2 0
Comm - Roxas x Namine by ohprocrastinator Comm - Roxas x Namine :iconohprocrastinator:ohprocrastinator 869 101
Larxene Relena
Listen up because I don't like telling this story and I don't why it is important for you to know but there it goes. So I lived in a small town, there was a huge castle where some princesses had a happily ever after. My dad had a bakery where I work. It was so boring and I hated it. Every day the same old people came and went. My dad would tell me that "all your hard work will pay off and one day I will own the bakery" Like I wanted a bakery! What would I do with that?
So one day I was putting bread rolls out on a shelf, it was the last day of summer not that it made any difference to my life. "Hello Relena" came a voice from behind the contour. It was Miss Sparrow she was a little old women who would come in every Sunday for 6 rolls. "You look so down my love is everything okay?" she asked I put her stuff in a bag. "I'm fine" I said not really wanting to share with old women my problems. I guess she didn't buy it because she told me that "It's not good to keep it all lo
:iconmollyther:mollyther 1 0
Xaldin Dilan
I had everything. Siana my lovely wife and two young children Lain and Sana. We lived in the Radiant Garden in a little house in the town.  It was made from sand coloured brick and had a brown roof. There were many flowers beds which Sana loved to play in with her friend Kairi (who I would later find to be important to the completion of kingdom hearts). I was one of 6 apprentices of Ansem the Wise at the castle where I Braig and Aeleus were guards. Everything was wonderful; I would come home every day and bring her a rose and see Siana eyes still full of love. Or at least I thought maybe that's why I was so shocked when it happened or maybe I didn't want to believe she could do such a thing.
It was when Xehanort showed up with no memory of who he was or his life. I went home and told Siana all about him and she said he could stay with us; she was always so full of light. The next day Ansem the Wise called a meeting and told us about a new experiment of the darkne
:iconmollyther:mollyther 3 0
Two Rebels by KageAyumuSakushi Two Rebels :iconkageayumusakushi:KageAyumuSakushi 66 5 KH2: in the city by kelvarin KH2: in the city :iconkelvarin:kelvarin 837 72 Larxene by RamblinQuixotic Larxene :iconramblinquixotic:RamblinQuixotic 54 8 Axel by RamblinQuixotic Axel :iconramblinquixotic:RamblinQuixotic 49 13 Saix by RamblinQuixotic Saix :iconramblinquixotic:RamblinQuixotic 34 21 Larxene by JereduLevenin Larxene :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 1,718 300 Larxene the Savage Nymph by DIZZYdoll Larxene the Savage Nymph :icondizzydoll:DIZZYdoll 260 38

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- As far as pairings and OCs go, anything goes! Just don't expect everyone to like it.

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